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In the world of Social Media Marketing, Pinterest is an interesting beast. Corporations and more conservative organizations (banks, law firms, etc.) are typically under the impression that it isn’t the outlet for them. And on the face of it, that’s true. If your site or blog isn’t the type to generally include a lot of images then you may think that Pinterest is no place for you. After all, Pinterest is essentially an image search engine.

However, there are ways to make Pinterest work for your organization, regardless of your type of business.

This first step may seem obvious – but you’ll need to add a few images to your website and/or blog. Even if your subject matter is very technical or clinical, you can still find stock images to use online and create a Pinterest-worthy image. Using free programs like Canva.com you can create and edit images to add to your blog posts. Canva even has a helpful feature that will allow you to create images in the size that typically get the highest engagement on Pinterest.

Once you’ve created your image, you’ll want to upload it to your site or blog, making sure to give it a name and alt tags that will be helpful to search engines.

Pinterest Strategy

If you aren’t already using Pinterest you’ll want to create an account and begin following other users. Then create boards of your own. For example, if you handle marketing for a law office you will want to create one board for your organization’s blog posts (“XYZ Law Blog”) and then create boards for other topics that might be of interest.

A law firm that handles family law, for example, may create boards (and re-pin content from other users) about parenting and weddings. This is because your blog posts may touch on topics such as how to handle custody situations or how to effectively blend families (parenting), or perhaps you’ll be blogging about broaching the topic of getting a pre-nuptial agreement before a wedding (by the way, the answer is: very delicately). These are posts that may seem a bit sterile for Pinterest at first glance, but if you’re re-pinning content about those broad topics (parenting and weddings) from other users, your posts will blend right in and be considered a great resource.

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